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Welcome to North London  Therapy

Getting Started

Whether you have or haven't seen a therapist or counsellor before, you may be feeling that you would like to now.

If you do, the best thing is to call or email me and I will call you back. 

 You can then, if you like, book a trial session and see if you find it helpful.  

The sessions last a maximum of 50 minutes but you need feel no obligation to stay for the full time.

You can talk about anything you like and not feel judged or categorised.  If you feel that your experience has helped you, you can book another session and we take it from there.  You are not in a therapy "programme" as such but the sessions are driven by you.

If you prefer, we draw up a number of sessions on a particular day of the week and the same time; if not, we can work on an ad hoc basis.